What is a High Quality Organization®?

At High Quality Leadership®, we believe the success of any organization is a direct result of its culture. We partner with companies to build a High Quality Organization® that empowers employees, fosters collaboration, drives innovation and simply gets better results.

Our service offering aligns with the four elements that make up a High Quality Organization® (Engagement, Talent, Leadership, and Structure). Our approach is powered by the High Quality Leadership Theory©, streamlining our process so we can approach your organization's culture enhancement journey and leadership development needs as effectively and efficiently as possible.

High Quality Gear

Alignment is critical!

Our subject matter experts evaluate an organization’s current operational plan with a focus on the cultural enhancement needs to match the mission, vision, and values of the company. We identify adjustments designed to promote a workplace that is thriving, productive, and an engaging environment. Our partnership with an organization is sustained throughout the process. We are committed to building a High Quality Organization® and will provide plan adjustments as needed while staying focused on the established goals.

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Our two-way feedback system - the patent pending WeGood? APP - is a one of a kind, statistically based performance feedback mechanism that will help you win in the marketplace and power-up your employees.

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Our talent development and acquisition professionals conduct data-driven, time-sensitive talent needs assessments. Working collaboratively with HR managers and company leaders, we find those professionals best suited for your company culture and targeted goals.

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With decades of leadership experience, we offer a copyrighted, statistically validated, leadership assessment tool that paves the way for individualized leadership development. Using 8 adaptable training models powered by High Quality Leadership Theory© we can work with clients to target identified gaps and unleash potential. 

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In order to fully realize the benefits of High Quality Leadership® impact, we offer solutions to maintain a high performing culture. This starts with an assessment of your organization structure compared with the proven attributes that a High Quality Organization® requires to deliver and sustain superior results.