Engagement Builds Commitment

Engagement and Performance Systems

Our WeGood? Two-Way feedback system is based on our copyrighted, scholarly peer-reviewed High Quality Leadership Theory©. This tool provides the means to drastically improve employee engagement, appreciation and retention. What better and simpler way exists for managers to work with their direct reports to directly increase customer satisfaction?

Check out more about the patent pending WeGood? APP @ www.WeGood.io and you will see the difference. Contact us for more information on this unique tool to improve your organizational performance.

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Benefits of Engagement

Generates positive energy resulting in increased customer loyalty

Improves pride in and success of the organization

Reduces turnover and improves retention

Increases productivity

Employees positively represent company

Boosts innovation and improves profitability

Lack of engagement doubles chances of job exit

Improves alignment with missions and goals when interacting with customer

Improved connection with management

WeGood Phone App

WeGood? - powered by High Quality Leadership Theory©

WeGood?, a B2B SaaS tool, is designed to uncover improvement opportunities and to collect data to understand and act on trends.  By providing identification of the root of the problem and the severity in the organization, the app aligns the full potential of High Quality Leadership® to assist it’s company partners. Once an organization identifies the weaknesses (with our analysis and support) they will want to address them (ideally through additional training/coaching/mentoring across the four elements of a High Quality Leadership®).