Improving Employee Engagement: A Crucial Challenge for High Quality Organizations


The Leadership Transformation Continues

In our last exploration of leadership transformation, we guided you through the foundational principles of the High Quality Leadership Theory©. We offered a roadmap to becoming a High Quality Leader. This week, we delve into the crucial aspect of improving employee engagement. We’ll uncover the hidden dynamics within the workplace and introduce an innovative tool to address this challenge.

The Workplace Dynamics: A Gallup Snapshot

The workplace is not always what it seems. A recent Gallup survey from 2022, involving 279,637 employees, reveals:

  • 23% Thriving at Work (Engaged): Employees find their work meaningful and feel connected. They are energized and committed, going the extra mile.
  • 59% Quiet Quitting (Not Engaged): Employees are merely filling a seat. The term “Quiet Quitting” captures their disengagement. They contribute the bare minimum, hindering growth.
  • 18% Loud Quitting (Actively Disengaged): Employees harm the organization, openly opposing leaders. “Loud Quitting” can poison the environment and harm cohesion.

These startling figures emphasize the urgent need for improving employee engagement in High Quality Organizations®. And here lies a challenge that demands attention, action, and innovative tools like the WeGood?™ App.

Improving Engagement with the WeGood?™ App

At High Quality Leadership®, we believe in a targeted approach. That’s why the WeGood?™ App is designed to tackle these concerns:

Understanding Engagement Levels:

Capturing real-time feedback, the WeGood?™ App pinpoints engagement levels. It allows targeted interventions.

Facilitating Open Communication:

The App enhances two-way communication, reducing “Quiet Quitting” and fostering connection.

Addressing Underlying Issues:

The WeGood?™ App identifies concerns, develops tailored strategies, and transforms engagement from within.

Measuring and Monitoring:

The App continually assesses and monitors engagement levels, supporting sustained improvements.

Your Path to a More Engaged Workforce

Improving employee engagement is complex. It requires understanding dynamics, recognizing disengagement signs, and using tools like the WeGood?™ App to foster a thriving culture.

With High Quality Leadership® and the WeGood?™ App, organizations can turn the tide. Transform a landscape of disengagement into a thriving, connected, and engaged workforce.

Your journey to a more engaged organization awaits. Explore more at and at


Author: Hannah Hill