Elevating Employee Wellbeing: The Purpose of the WeGood?® App


In a recent Gallup poll on the State of the Global Workplace, a profound insight emerged: “[Our] research into wellbeing at work finds that having a job you hate is worse than being unemployed — and those negative emotions end up at home, impacting relationships with family. If you’re not thriving at work, you’re unlikely to be thriving at life.”

For those unfamiliar with Gallup, they are a renowned research and analytics organization that provides insights into various aspects of life, including the workplace. The statement underscores the critical connection between workplace engagement and overall wellbeing. It’s not merely about job satisfaction; it’s about the holistic impact on an individual’s life when they are disengaged at work. The negative effects ripple beyond the workplace, affecting personal relationships, health, and happiness.


The WeGood?® App: Enhancing Employee Engagement

Recognizing the profound importance of employee engagement, The WeGood?® App was developed by High Quality Leadership®. Its primary purpose is to help individuals thrive in the workplace and, by extension, in their lives outside of work.

Improving Lives Through Positive Conversations

The WeGood?® App goes beyond traditional employee engagement solutions by facilitating positive and meaningful conversations. Here’s how it works:

  • Focus on What’s Important: WeGood?® is customizable to provide feedback on an organization’s top six primary areas of focus, aligning with the High Quality Leadership Theory©. This ensures that discussions revolve around the most critical aspects of the workplace.
  • Weekly Communication: Managers can communicate with employees quickly and with ease, concentrating on issues that truly matter. Weekly communication is guaranteed to increase employee engagement, performance, and retention.
  • Continuous Improvement: Supported by detailed data collection and reporting tools, the app identifies opportunities for improvement and addresses them promptly. This commitment to ongoing enhancement ensures that the workplace continuously evolves to meet the needs of both employees and the organization.

In conclusion, Gallup’s insights underscore the vital importance of improving employees’ lives through meaningful engagement at work. The WeGood?® App, with its focus on positive and purposeful conversations, offers a tangible solution for organizations striving to enhance employee engagement and overall wellbeing.

Unlock the potential of your workforce and lead them through both good and challenging times with the WeGood?® App. Your employees and your organization will undoubtedly benefit. Learn more at, and