Meet the Masterminds Behind High Quality Leadership®


David HillJared MontoyaGreetings, everyone! We are thrilled to continue to introduce High Quality Leadership® to both our returning readers and those new to our journey. Today, let’s meet the masterminds behind High Quality Leadership®

Who We Are and Our Ambition 

High Quality Leadership® is a company brimming with expertise, yet we’re also aware that in this early stage, many may not be familiar with us. We are dedicated to optimizing organizational performance. Our passion is to promote cultural improvement by awakening the innate leadership potential present in every individual. We demonstrate the leadership qualities essential in developing and guiding teams toward true engagement, financial growth and efficiency.

Revisiting Our Mission 

The High Quality Leadership® mission is to achieve greater results for our client companies by leading a transformation to a High Quality Organization®. This is accomplished through proprietary and empirically-validated analytical and technical tools that strengthen employee engagement (using our app), talent acquisition, leadership development and organizational structure.

Heart Of Our Company:

Delivery of this mission starts with our leadership. This approach is meticulously crafted by our founders, each with decades of experience in various business and academic roles, including entrepreneurship and leading thriving companies. What sets them apart is not just their professional success but their unwavering dedication to lifelong learning and building teams. They have dedicated their educational and professional lives to excelling in their respective fields and have earned respect as leaders, educators, and role models.


David Sherwood Hill, Ph.D., one of the founders of High Quality Leadership®, is the mastermind behind the company’s theory. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX, David embarked on a journey that led him through various Fortune 500 companies, privately-owned enterprises, and two decades of entrepreneurial endeavors, successfully navigating multiple startup ventures. David excels in collaborative settings and seizes opportunities to enhance outcomes by collaborating with individuals at all levels, wherever enhancement is required. He firmly upholds the belief that leadership and personal interaction between leaders and followers are the crux of all endeavors. His academic journey culminated in a Ph.D. in Organization and Leadership Sciences from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas.

Now, let’s turn our attention to our other founder, Jared:

Jared Montoya, Ph.D. is the Board Chair of High Quality Leadership®, stands as one of the organization’s founders. He specializes in assisting enterprises in optimizing their core asset, fostering a culture of ownership that leads to top-notch quality, innovation, speed, and cost-efficiency. Jared has shared his valuable insights with both for-profit and non-profit entities. Furthermore, his contributions to the academic realm, particularly in organizational leadership and social psychology, are well-acknowledged, evident through his substantial publications in academic journals and his presentations at both national and international conferences. Jared’s academic journey culminated in a Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology, awarded by Brigham Young University

David and Jared complement each other well and truly make the most of the company.

What’s to Come

With these accomplished individuals at the helm, our commitment to reshaping leadership and company cultures is an objective we strive for every day.

Thank you for investing your time in learning more about HQL and the remarkable individuals who drive our mission forward.

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As always, stay tuned for our exciting insights and blogs from our journey at High Quality Leadership®


Aritcle Written By Hannah Hill